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It’s Time To End The Confusion About FOOD And HEALTH

The amount of confusing food and health information out there is frustrating! It makes it hard to know how to put food as medicine to work in your everyday life.

Doctors are not always helpful because they lack knowledge, are often dismissive or simply tell you to eliminate foods. That's not the right solution.

Eat Your Way To BETTER HEALTH And Use Food's Ability To Help The BODY HEAL ITSELF

Join the movement of people ready to use this life-changing guide to the hundreds of foods that support the body's defense systems.

To help you ward off and fight illnesses and to achieve optimal health, all it takes is 5: 5 defense systems in your body, 5 disease-fighting foods, 5 times a day.

Eat To Beat Disease is the only, revolutionary online course designed by a world-renowned physician, scientist, speaker and New York Times bestselling author who's groundbreaking work has impacted more than seventy diseases like cancer, diabetes and blindness.

You will learn how to use food to heal your body of disease and illness so you can finally:

  • Achieve optimal health with the 5x5x5 framework.
  • Discover strategies and dosages for using food to transform your resilience and health.
  • Amplify the hidden power of food and your body to fight illnesses
  • Activate your body's health defense systems — angiogenesis, regeneration, microbiome, DNA protection and immunity
  • Create an action plan for healing.

Make Healthy Living Enjoyable And Easy To Do

Get access to...

Recipes, dosages and food lists

Food selection tips and recommendations

Videos, workbooks and community

By The End Of The Course:

  1. Learn the secrets that are not in the book (including 5 health defense systems
  2. Toss away other diets and ideas about health and get started on a true lifestyle change that make a big impact on your health for the rest of your life and that you’re going to enjoy and not resent - learn how to get started on a new lifestyle (as opposed to lifestyle change)
  3. Cutting edge insights that you can’t get from nutritionists and dietitians 
  4. Secrets on how to love your food in order to love your health 
  5. Simple and delicious ways to help you love your food as you love your health - regardless of how you buy/get/eat your food in any life circumstance (whether you eat out or cook - this is for you) - figure out how to eat healthy in any life circumstances - for the rest of your life - and it will empower you to take charge in a way that you have never felt before

This online experience is all about helping you with your biggest health challenges to heal your body and BOOST IMMUNITY.

Eat To Beat Disease Course Is A Great Fit If...

  • You're ready to be empowered to enjoy your food and health at the same time.
  • You no long want to be forced into a restrictive diet.
  • You want everyday practical tips taught by Dr. Li so you can take action in your life and explore new ways to eat healthy.
  • You want access to easy recipes, tips, demos, and ideas to lower your risk of COVID, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and more.

"Dr. William Li is a healthcare pioneer... and helps our readers thrive by unpacking how the body's own systems respond to what we eat. [He] gives practical tips for healthier living... in ways they can help their bodies fight disease."

Arianna Huffington

Founder and CEO, Thrive Global

"EAT TO BEAT DISEASE shows us how the foods we love actually support our wellbeing and vitality. I recommend that every health seeker... tell their friends and family about it."

Mark Hyman, M.D.

Director, Cleveland Clinic Center

"This will entertain, educate, devour, and then empower you to transform and restore our health. This is a fascinating story of the power of food...to make sure we are around to enjoy life's pleasures for as long as possible."



What's Included:

Unlimited access to the Eat To Beat Disease Online Course

The course guidebook to help you achieve the best results each step on your journey

Exclusive recipes to guide your healthy living

Food dosages

The 5x5x5 Method


Dr. William W. Li is a world renowned physician, scientist, and author of New York Time Best Seller Eat To Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course starts Monday, April 5. You will gain access to all material on the day that they course starts.

I've already read the book, how is this different?

The book is a great starting point to establish your knowledge, but it's a comprehensive education on how to eat to beat disease. I'll be there each step of your journey as a coach and expert to make sure you're doing it right and transforming how your body heals itself. The course includes all the extra, hands-on info not found in the book. This course teaches you how to ADD not eliminate from your diet.

Will I receive personalize medical advice from Dr. William Li?

The course is an education tool but does not replace the need for a healthcare provider to offer more personalize medical advice. My goal is to empower you to the education and daily living choices to help you accomplish your health goals with additional support of local health professionals as needed.

I'm ready to transform my health, anything else I can expect to learn?

You'll deepen you understanding of the health defense systems and what to eat to activate them.

You'll understand what to eat to beat disease and improve your health.

You'll understand how to apply the book Eat To Beat Disease to your life.